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Target platforms

Herein you will find a brief overview of the platforms I like to program for. I don't have projects in development or planning for all of them, but I'd like to :)


I have a whole separate page about why I like the Amiga, but for game-dev purposes: the 68000 is friendly, the video chip is flexible and powerful, and you have at least 512KB of RAM and reasonably fast, large-capacity disk storage to work with. The sound hardware isn't quite suited to my style (too few channels!) but it's still good, especially for the time.

Sega Genesis

Another 68000-based system. Things are less flexible than the Amiga and there's less RAM (only 64KB,) but on the bright side, ROM cartridges mean near-zero load times, and the sound hardware supports my polyphony habit quite nicely, plus it has that warm FM synth feel to it :)


The Z80 is an interesting little chip - not so friendly as the 68000, but surprisingly capable for an 8-bit CPU. And the MSX platform itself is quite nice - it's easily the best-documented 8-bit computer I've seen. The video chip is a bit archaic, but pretty capable if you're willing to work around its limitations. Sound sucks, but fortunately there are a couple nice expansions (the SCC and MSX-Music add-ons) that are almost standard equipment.


You gotta love the NES. And while it's kind of strange and balky under the hood, and the 6502 is...a bit interesting to work with, if it's good enough for Mega Man, it's good enough for me. There's only 2KB of RAM and you have to juggle ROM in and out of a 32KB window, but the video chip is pretty good for an 8-bitter and the sound is distinctive and pleasant.

Commodore 64

Ah, the Commodore 64. Another 6502-based system, but packing a whole lot more RAM than the NES. Of course, that RAM has to be loaded from the slowest disk drive in existence... Still, the video chip is darn good for a home computer of the period, and the SID has a sound as distinctive as any professional synthesizer. And hey, there's always JiffyDOS ;)

WonderSwan Color

The only handheld based on the 8086 architecture (really!) The WonderSwan is an interesting bit of hardware; it's a fairly solid 16-bit game machine that came out just before the Gameboy Advance leapfrogged the 16-bit era altogether, and it never caught on outside its native Japan. That said, it's not at all bad for a 16-bit console - a reasonably capable video chip with lots of colors, a reasonable amount of RAM, and a not-too-bad sound chip, as well.

Oldschool PC

And then there's the PC. (It's also 8086-based!) 640KB of RAM ought to be enough for everybody, really, and what you can't do with a VGA and a reasonably fast processor isn't worth doing. Add in a Soundblaster-compatible for some classic FM goodness, and you're all set.